Christine Lampard , 39 , wife of former footballer , Frank Lampard has banned her husband from naming their unborn child after any football legend . Mrs Lampard has revealed she is leaving the name of her unborn baby in her step - daughters ’ hands and has already ruled out the possibility of calling their little one after a footballer , despite her sport star spouse’ s wishes, reports Daily Mail .

The TV presenter, who is keeping the sex of her baby a surprise – admitted the family have discussed possible names but are yet to decide on one. Speaking to the Daily Star about how the name search was going, she confessed: “ Calling him or her after any footballers is definitely off the agenda. I ’ ve warned Frank. We had a few discussions and it won ’ t be happening . ”

Christine revealed her step - daughters Luna , 12 , and Isla , 10 , have already been flicking through the baby books and have made some suggestions .

Asked if there was already a name in mind , she dished: “ Not really, well, sort of . We kind of have , the girls have , but nothing is definite at all. ”

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