Hello again everyone. We are having 12th week of Premier League Football and we are trying to win as always we do.. This week there are some good matches which are easy to predict and i will recommend you some suprise games as well. Last week i went 6/3 and so far my predictions stats is 43 Win / 19 Loose in first 11 weeks in EPL. I am always trying to recommend you my trusted games and try to be better in every week..

My predictions from 1 to 11 weeks 👇👇👇

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Week 11: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-11th-week-prediction)

Here is my Week 12 Predictions:

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace Chelsea W (1.35)

Burnley vs West Ham Burnley X1 (1.38)

Tottenham vs Sheff Utd Tottenham (1.60)

Wolverhampton vs Aston Villa Wolverhampton X1 (1.20)

Liverpool vs Man City Liverpool W (2.70)

Good luck to all of us 🙏🙏🙏