EUROPE: UEFA Nations League - League A:

Poland 0-1 Italy
A very interesting match between Poland and Italy with more surprises and with some changes in formations. Italy has managed to win in the last minutes of the match with a score of 0-1 where the winning goal is scored by Biraghi. Italy is second in the 4-point table, while Poland is in the last place with only one point. The table is led by Portugal with 6 points and only with 2 games.

EUROPE: UEFA Nations League - League B:

Russia 2-0 Turkey
A derby match between Russia and Turkey but with a win in the end from Russia with a 2-0 result. A match I think was balanced between the two countries where at least Turkey still deserves a draw this match, but this is football. Russia leads in 7-point charts, second place is Turkey with 3 points and in 3rd place are Sweden with just 1 point.

EUROPE: UEFA Nations League - League C:

Romania 0-0 Serbia
Israel 2-0 Albania
Lithuania 1-4 Montenegro

EUROPE: UEFA Nations League - League D:

Azerbaijan 1-1 Malta
Faroe Islands 1-1 Kosovo


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