Lionel Messi and martiness

Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi suffered the only regret of his career in Qatar's Lusail Stadium. At the same time, after three and a half decades, the blue-white jersey holders have brought the taste of winning the golden trophy. With this, the petite magician ended many ongoing discussions about becoming the best in the world. He is also absolutely adorable to his teammates. That's why the other members of the world champion team join the Messi bandana when they get the chance. Even sitting in Kolkata, India, the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez sang the praises of this superstar.

The World Cup-winning goalkeeper is currently in Kolkata on a two-day visit. Fans are in a frenzy on his arrival. The city held several events and receptions to mark Martinez's arrival. There, while commenting on his teammate Messi, there will be no one like him in the future.