Brazil participated in the Qatar World Cup as hot favourites. Neymar's record-breaking goal in the quarter-finals almost brought the semi-finals within reach. But after conceding a goal in the last minute, they lost in the tiebreaker and were eliminated from the quarter finals. Neymar broke down in tears on the field after that loss. Even then it was heard that he may say goodbye to the national team.

Neymar has opened up after being eliminated from the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. He also told about his mental state after that loss. He decided not to play in the Brazilian national team after the heartbroken loss. However, after much thought, Neymar changed his decision. He has also decided not to retire from the Brazil team soon. This is what Neymar said in an interview with famous journalist, YouTuber and streamer Casimiro.

Neymar's interview was published by Brazilian media Globo. The 31-year-old Neymar said, 'To be honest, I didn't want to return (to the national team) after the World Cup. But I had to think again. I'm hungry for success, aren't I? So that idea had to be reconsidered and changed. I didn't want to suffer anymore after the World Cup. But it is also difficult to see the family suffer.'

Neymar scored against Croatia to give Brazil the lead

Neymar said that he cried for five consecutive days after seeing the defeat in the tiebreaker after advancing to the quarter-finals. He said, 'I cried for five consecutive days. I was very sad because my dream was crushed like that. I am willing to accept that I will lose the match in a 0-0 tiebreaker and not score a goal; But to score a goal, then concede a goal and lose in a tiebreaker is very difficult to accept.'

Neymar claimed that defeat against Croatia was the worst moment of his career. He also said how heavy the atmosphere in Brazil's dressing room became after that loss.

It (the defeat to Croatia) was the worst moment of my life," Neymar said. One was crying next to me, another on the other side. The atmosphere of the entire party became very heavy. I never want to go through that experience again.

Last February 19, Neymar left the field after getting injured in the match against Lille. Since then, this Brazilian could not enter the field. He is out of the field for about five months. This is the biggest break of his career. PSG will start their preparations for the new season with a match against Le Hervé on July 21. However, it is still not certain whether Neymar will stay at PSG.