Today I read the opinion of the football community about this match, so most people think that Man.City will crush Tottenham, some even offered such results as 5-0 and 4-0. P-f-f-f Of course, I don’t think so, it's time to make a bet again against the favorites.

Playing domination. Man City attacks fantastically powerful, energetic and variable. It is almost impossible to stand, especially if it happens on Etihad. The task of the guests from London is extremely obvious - to score in the counterattack. Benefit 1 goal Tottenham will be enough to send the hosts in a light knockdown.

Man City used to play in a similar manner, which brings a positive result, but does not exclude goals in his own goal. In the Premier League, for example, from the top10 on Etihad, only the crisis Chelsea and the modest Wolverhampton did not score, and in the group stage of the Champions League, both Hoffenheim and Lyon scored goals here.

Swift, lightweight and always running behind the back of the Son - exactly what you need to counterattack game against such an opponent. I think even the most negative Tottenham fans believe in the goal, so the Londoners goal is necessary, and they have an excellent roster for this. Moreover, the owners of Etihad did not miss here for too long - more than a month.

My bet Man City Tottenham

My prediction: Tottenham will qualify for the semi-finals @ 2.36 PinnacleSports (Risk option)

My prediction (Less risky): Tottenham +2 Handicap @ 1.51 @ BetScorum

Good Luck Boys!