Social media went crazy after Lionel Messi, arguably the best footballer in the world scored a panenka free kick against Espanyol. Panenka is a technique usually used in penalties where the taker causes the ball to rise and fall within the centre of the goal post because most keepers dive to a direction during penalties.


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It was first performed by Antonin Panenka, a Czech player during the 1976 UEFA European Championship final. Only a few people have been using that method to score since then and fans often criticise those who try but fail to make the net using this method. It is often used by highly respected players who can deal with the criticism. To use it for penalties is a big feat, and to use it for a free-kick, that's astonishing.

Even though Mess's goal was credited as an own goal, fans took to social media to describe Messi as the *god* of football after that free-kick. It was trending all over with fans arguing whether it was an own goal or whether indeed, Messi was the *god* of foot ball. The trend calling Messi the *god* of football went so viral that, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, the largest Christian group in the world had to join in.

Pope Francis, an Argentine has said that, Messi is not a god. He believes people just adore Messi and they use the term *god* to express their adoration of Messi, but Messi is no God. He however added that it's a joy to watch Lionel Messi play, but nobody can say that Messi is god, and he doesn't believe that.