Well the international break is behind us! All the internationals are back at their team and those teams know now how severe the damage was. Because after each international break some players go back injured! But that is a complete different story!

Let's see who is already qualified and if some big names maybe will be missing out on the fun!

Already qualified!

Group B: Ukraine

Group F: Spain *

Group G: Poland

Group I: Belgium and Russia

Group J: Italy

This is due to the fact that Romania and Sweden still have to play against each other. So there is no possibility that both team will kump over Spain.

Who has still a big chance of qualifying?

Group A

England (15 pts), Czech Republic (12) and Kosovo (11) still have a chance to qualify via the groups for Euro2020.

It is more than lickely that England will qualify. A point in the next game against Montenegro will seal the deal. But I don't think that they will draw, they will crush Montenegro. And also if they would loose, but Czech Republic would beat Kosovo in the same round, England would be qualified. If both scenario's fail, which I don't think will happen, a draw away at Kosovo would also mean qualification.

For the Czech Republik it is fairly simply. Win at home against Kosovo and they can plan the tickets for Euro 2020.

Kosovo has to win against Czech Republic and than do better than the Czech Republic in the last round. Not an easy taks if you do know that Kosovo will face England, while the Czech Republic does play away at Bulgaria!

Group B

Portugal (11) and Serbia (10) are the only two team in contention for the remaining ticket.

Both teams still have 2 remaining games. In the next round Portugal plays at home against Lithuania, while Serbia faces Luxembourg. In the last round Serbia plays at home against already qualified Ukraine, while Portugal will have to go to Luxembourg.

If both teams end with the same points, Portugal will get the ticket based on the head-2-head results with Serbia.

If I would have to beat on it, my money would be on Portugal.

Group C

Here we still have 3 teams in contention. Netherlands (15), Germany (15) and Northern Ireland (12).

Netherlands has the advantage over Germany due to the head-2-head results.

Northern Ireland will have the less changes to qualify with a home game against The Netherlands and an away game to Germany. They probably will have to win both to qualify.

For the Netherland it is easy. If they don't loose in Northern Ireland they will qualify.

Germany just have to make sure that they win against Northern Ireland in the last game, but already can be qualified if Northern Ireland doesn't win against The Netherlands and Germany takes at least a point at home against Belarus.

Group D

Again another groups with still 3 team trying to get to Euro 2020.

Republic of Ireland (12), Denmark (12) and Switzerland (11). Here we do have the situation that the Republic of Ireland only has one game left.

In the next round one can expect that Denmark will win at home against Gibraltar. Switzerland will play at home against Georgia. This group is hard to predict and probably it will only be decided during the last round.

Both team can get on top of the Republic of Ireland if both win their next game.

In the last round we do have Republic of Ireland against Denmark, while Switzerland will visit Gibraltar.

Probably Switzerland has the best odds with a home game an a pretty easy away game. With 4 out of 6, they normally should qualify.

Group E

Yep you are correct, also here still 3 teams do have a shot at the desired ticket:

Croatia (14), Hungary (12) and Slovakia (10).

Mmh, apperently they are 4 teams, because Wales also still have a slim chance.

In the next round Croatia will play they last qualification game. It is simple for them. If they at least draw at home against Slovakia they will qualify. Slovakia on the other side does need the win otherwise they will be passed by Wales, who has an away game at Azerbaijan.

Also in this group we only will know after the last round which teams will go to the Euro 2020.

If Croatia does loose in the next round, they will have to wait without playing until the final wisstle in the last round!

Group F

On paper still 3 teams who can join Spain at the Euro2020.

Sweden (15), Romania (14) and Norway (11)

But Sweden still has to play one more against the Faroe Islands. While a victory isn't guaranteed with a win in this game they would eliminate Norway. Norway has to win both remaining games against Faroe Islands and Malta which is quite possible.

If Sweden wins in the next round against Romania, they would seal the deal in this group and join Spain. If they loose, it will be very difficult for them and they need the help of Spain, who will face Romania in the last round.

My money in on Sweden!

Group G

Austria (16), North Macedonia (11) and Slovenia (11) will try to join Poland with a Euro 2020 ticket.

Austria has the best changes. They do need just win one ore game. In the next round they will host the home game against North Macedonia. A draw isn't enough to be sure, because they still could be overtaken by Slovenia. But with an away game in the last round against pointless Latvia, I doubt it that the Swedish players will miss the Euro 2020.

Group H

Turkey (19) and France (19) are leading the group, with only Iceland (15) left which could endanger their Euro 2020 spot.

France will probably qualify in the next round, when they play at home against Moldavia.

Turkey can seal the deal by not loosing in the next round at home against Iceland.

But if they do, they still have a second chance away at Andorra!

So Turkey and France will qualify! Mark my word!

Group I

Everything is decided, Belgium and Russia will go to the Euro 2020!

Group J

In this group Italy is already qualified at in looks like they will be joined by Finland, who is have a 5 point lead over Armenia (10) and Bosnia and Herzegovina(10).

Both of these last two team will need to win their next game and even than it can be game over. Their is no doubt that Finland will win their next game Liechtenstein.

So Finland it is!