4 rounds have been played so far, so 6 more rounds remain. And it turns out to be a very interesting play off!

We have 4 teams who managed to win 3 out of 4 games, 2 other teams wasn't capable of scoring a single point! So everything at the top remains the same compared with the start of the PO, at the teams at the bottom did see their hopes on a European ticket vaporize!

The ranking

The winner of the competition is qualified for the group phase of the Champions League, the runner up may play the third qualification round of the Champions League and is assured of playing the European League.
Number 3 means a ticket for the 3th qualification round of the European League and number 4 will battle it out for the last European Ticket against the winner of PO II.

Standard will get an extra 3 points on Tuesday. More information about this below.


Well it was a stange week! Everyone was focussed on the classes between Standard and Anderlecht on Friday and the topper between Genk and Club Brugge.

Anderlecht showed us that it always can get worse! The recordchampion of Belgium is undergoing one blow after the other! Last week they did loose for the very first time at home against Club Brugge in the past 21 years! Well the supporter weren't actually happy with this. So actions had to be taken, according to them!
They decided that the game against Standard will not reach the end, when Anderlecht was behind! After 30 minutes of play, the ref suspended the game. The reason for this was that the Anderlecht supporters kept on throwing fireworks and bombs on the pitch! The result of this is that Anderlecht will loose the game with 5-0, they will be fined 50K euros and probably will have to play 2 home games behind closed doors! Antwerp now has a lead of 8 points on Anderlecht and to be honest I did see them taking an European ticket, this for the first time in ... 55 years! What about that!

The class between the number 1 and 2 had a shadow over it. Last friday Makinovski did hear the verdict of this red card against Gent. The prosecutor had a 2 hour talk, why he asked the 7 games suspension! 30 minutes were spent on explaining the 6 seconds of footage! Luckily the judge didn't find any prove that it was intentional, so no suspension was given!

This did gave Genk enough motivation to face Club Brugge. And they did play with a great fighting spirit and a tactic which did surprise Club Brugge, extending the lead again to 4 points!

Still 4 teams may still dream about the tittle and all 4 teams will probably loose points! Genk has the advantage of the 4 points lead but already played 3 home games. Club Brugge only had one home game, so they do have a small advantage based on this.
Next round both Club Brugge and Genk will face the two other teams who were capable of winning 3 out of 4 games. Genk will have the difficult trip to Standard, while Club Brugge will have need to travel to Antwerp!

After each round new favorites do stand up! But if Genk and Brugge both manage to win their games, there will probably 2 favorites left!
On eastern Anderlecht and Gent do have the change to wiped out the annoying 0 of the board!