Well again I do have some mixed feelings about the week 18 results of the Nyls.

Week 18

The model based on the current season result had a little party! 2 correct score predictions and 2 other markets in the green. It did break a loosing streak of 3 weeks and had it's best result of the season!

The model based on the last 3 season result also had 2 correct score predictions! The Nyls does love 1-1 draws.
Only the Both Team to score markets were a little but troublesome! But wise bettors always have told me to look at the bigger picture! And the truth is that this model now has it's fourth consecutive losing week in a row!

Season 2018-2019

The model of the last 3 season is starting to bleed!

The model based on the current season result is back below a loss of 100 units!