This picture is a typical representation of the dance going on in my head right now. Call it Electric dance, Azonto, shaku shaku or what have you, just know that I am happy. I am excited for reasons that may look trivial but these reasons mean a lot to me. 

Why I am Excited 

When I got active on Scorum few days ago, I realized that I had a great opportunity to live a dream I have had for a while now. I realized that something I have so much yearned for is now at my finger tips. It brought me so much joy. Have you seen anyone do an electric dance before you? How excited were they when they were doing this dance? How did you feel seeing them do this dance? Did it make you laugh or at least smile? Well, I literary did an electric dance few days ago but this dance was in my head. 

The reasons are not far fetched. Before I reveal my reason, please check the picture below.

This was me on Steemit few weeks ago and this had always been me. I need most of my posts on Steemit with that message. I have always wanted to be able to reward great content and be able to bring smiles to the faces of people just by being able to upvote their post. I have always wanted to be able to fund project, buy food for people all over the world, pay their tuition fees, improve their quality of life. In all, I have always wanted to be a plus to people. When I did my findings on Scorum, I realized that i will be able to achieve that. Big thanks to @pete who made me see it from that angle.

I realized that by investing in scorum and powering up, that i will be able to affect the lives of others positively.So i bought scorum with some of my savings and here we are.

Now I can empower others

Image source-Pixabay

I know that right now, I am sounding like my upvote is already worth a million $. Heck no, it is not yet up to that. But I am  grateful that it is above 1$. If i can be grateful for the little I have, I believe I will have more. A big thank you to everyone that has been a source of support to me. You all mean so much to me. I will do my bidding to also support good works in this platform by curating great contents when i see them.

Thanks to the scorum community.