It ended with both teams sharing points in the first English Premier League match for the weekend.

Newcastle United and Leeds United have something in common so far this season, they are yet to win a match in the EPL 2021/22 season. It doesn't look like something terrible for Newcastle because the team hasn't been a good shape for quite some time, we were expecting more from Leeds United with the awesomeness they brought from the lower division in the previous season.

Leeds made their mark known in the league by grabbing all three points from matches that we weren't expecting and it made us have high expectations about them. As it stands, it looks like things are not going as smooth as it went for the club in their return season to the top-flight league.

Leeds defeated Newcastle twice last season and we weren't expecting anything less but Newcastle stood strong even though they were shaky at some point, the good news for them was securing a point from the match.

Leeds opened the scoreline with Raphinha finding the net thirteen minutes into the game. Newcastle waited till the 44th minute of the match before they could pull one back courtesy of Saint Maximin.

Both sides struggled hard but couldn't get anything to show for it except for Leeds stacking up possession. Leeds defender, Ayling got injured and it might be a setback for the team due to his superb effort and contribution to the team's success so far.

While Leeds sits in the 16th position, Newcastle are feeling too comfortable in the relegation zone.

I hope both teams eventually their first three points of the season soon.