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A big welcome to all my Scorum friends!

I spent last weekend in Rome, hosted at the home of friends with my family.

We can't see each other often, especially because of the distance and the commitments of everyday life.

So, about three years ago, Ivan (this is the name of my friend), knowing my passion for AS Roma, decided to join me to a Roma Club, formed by some of his colleagues, the ACQUASANTA ROMA CLUB.

To the affiliates of this Club, it's required to represent the association in home matches and make sure that the banner is present in the stands. In turn, they get a free access for one person to the match.

Despite this my friend is a great supporter of SSC Napoli, he was happy to let me join this group, so we sometimes have a "forced" reason to get together.

And so it was also this time, in occasion of the Serie A match between AS Roma and Inter FC.

That you see here in the pic is my ticket. On Sunday afternoon I took it and walked towards the Stadium. Club representatives must be at the entrances a little early than other supporters, because they have banners that need to be checked by the Police and then they must have enough time to fix them.

And so, I met with the member of another club, that of Fiumicino, with whom we are twinned, and we placed the banners next to each other.

Meanwhile, outside the stadium, as always, the AS Roma Village "LA MAGICA LAND" was prepared. It's a series of spaces in which there are many attractions and entertainment for the fans, both adults and children.

You can take a virtual tour in Trigoria, dribble with Dzeko and De Rossi or take a coffee with Totti, just by wearing a 3D visor sitting on the bench.

In addition to various food areas, there is a stage from which a presenter asks questions about the history of As Roma and who guesses wins official gadgets.

You can even take a picture with your own life-size idols! 👇

But the real show is inside the Stadio Olimpico, where the flags begin to wave in the Curva Sud, the heart of the Romanist supporters.

The Curva SUD - Image of my property

It's always exciting the atmosphere that is created in this place, where you breathe the passion of the people and the history of this club.

A shivering moment is surely that of the "Roma Roma Roma" anthem, sung loudly by the whole stadium and accompanied by the traditional "sciarpata", with the fans showing the scarfs holding it up with their arms high.

The yellow-red wall during the traditional 'Sciarpata' - Image of my property

If you have never seen this show, here is the video of the anthem before last season's AS Roma-Barcelona Champions League match. Enjoy it ...

Returning to Sunday night, the match then started.

I didn't take pictures or videos during the game phases because I don't like to stay with the smartphone and take pictures instead of following the game and cheering the team.

Among other things, it was a very vibrant match, since Roma started well, hitting a post with Florenzi and then it was seen to deny a clear penalty kick by the terribled referee Rocchi.

Even more absurd the decision of VAR Fabbri not to recall the referee to an 'on field review ', given that the young Romanist Zaniolo was stricken by D'Ambrosio, as is clear from the images.

A heavy mistake, also for the fact that Inter took the lead in the following action with a paw from former Lazio Keita Balde.

In the second half a raging Roma came back on the pitch, putting the match back with a great goal by Cengiz Under. From my perspective, I saw very well start the shoot and also Handanovic remain completely motionless in front of that fantastic execution.

Inter did not give up and, proper in the best moment of AS Roma, managed to score the 1-2 goal with a header by its bomber Icardi.

The morale of the fans has dropped, at that point everything seemed lost.

Once again, however, the Giallorssi didn't give up and continued to push, until to force Brozovic to commit an evident handball in the penalty box.

Also in this case Rocchi doesn't see (I recommend him an eye examination), but luckily, this time the VAR calls the 'on field review' and the penalty kick is assigned.

Kolarov takes charge of the execution and he scores the goal of the final 2-2.

After this episode, the match has a few important events, except for the expulsion in the last minutes to Spalletti, booed from all over the stadium.

And so, I come home a little disappointed for the missed victory, but really full of adrenaline for having being present to the match.

The most unexpected surprise came just when I returned home and I opened the homepage of Corriere dello Sport, to go and see some photos of the episode of the penalty kick on Zaniolo claimed by AS Roma.

I was in the pic!! 😁

P.S. But how can you not give this penalty kick?! Strike off them!!

Goodbye to everyone! See you soon!


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