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The level of Japanese football and Malaysian football is different from one another, and that will be shown in the match to Kashima Antlers to welcome Johor Darul at home.

Asian Handicap : 1.90*2*2.01

The opening two rounds in the 2019 J-League, Kashima Antlers failed. They received a defeat on the opening day against the unrivaled opponent, Oita Trinita, at Kashima Soccer Stadium, before taking home the defending champions Kawasaki Frontale. This draw is acceptable, making Kashima Antlers play more stable in the opening match of the AFC Champions League group stage.

The opponent on the day of Kashima Antlers was Johor DT, Malaysia’s defending champion. Johor DT’s form is very impressive, as they have five unbeaten consecutive matches from the start of the season in the league, including 4 wins and 1 draw. However, considering Asian markets, Johor DT made investors disappointed with 3 losses. Farther away, they lost the last 5/7 matches with a rate on the exchange.

Although it did not get satisfactory results in the domestic league, however, in the continental playing field, the 46-year-old coach’s team was showing a completely different face from the series of seven unbeaten consecutive games since August. / 2018. In addition to the promotion of sublimation and defense goods, when there were 4/7 clean sheet matches, it was the reason for the representative of Japan to obtain favorable results.

Although always appreciated in the domestic playground, but in the continental arena, representatives of Malaysia have never been appreciated. Specifically, after five recent matches at the AFC Champions League since 2015, Johor Darul has received four defeats with 12 attempts to concede.

Johor Darul Takzim is so small when placed next to Kashima Antlers. One of the brightest candidates for the championship every year. Johor Darul Takzim’s performance before this match was good. However, that is not enough to represent Malaysia confident in the trip to China in the middle of next week. Johor Darul Takzim is not only weak in formations but also in experience. Asian football No. 1 playground needs both elements. But Johor Darul Takzim does not have enough of both. Kashima has redundancy. So, they know what to do to overcome Johor Darul Takzim in the upcoming match.

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Odds Over/Under : 2.05*3-3.5*1.81

Johor Darul is likely to be unable to do anything against the home team defense but Kashima Antlers is different. It is likely that they will tear up the defending champions Malaysia team many times in this match when they are stronger in all aspects and also play at home. With a total goal of 3-3.5 goals, players should choose Over door because the home team has the ability to score more than 3 goals in the opponent’s net.

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First half odd bet:1.75*0.5-1*2.08

It is possible that Johor Darul fate will be determined within the first 45 minutes of the match. No matter how hard the effort is, the team is hard pressed to resist Kashima Antlers’ record of continental success. Therefore it is not surprising if the visitors lose more than 1 goal after the end of the first half. So with the first half of the game being 0.5-1, the player should still choose Kashima Antlers to have a big chance to win. than.

Predicting Lineups:

Kashima Antlers: Kwon, Uchida, Inukai, Machida, Anzai, Doi, Nagaki, Silva, Abe, Serginho, Ito

Johor Darul Takzim: Farizal Marlias, Dominic Tan Jun Jin, Adam Nor Azlin, Afiq Fazail, Natxo Insa, Diogo, Hazwan Bakri, Safawi Rasid, Gonzalo Cabrera, Syafiq Ahmad, Kiko Insa, Maurício

Prediction Full Time : Kashima Antlers 4 – 0 Johor Darul (Choose Kashima Antlers and Over)