Liverpool FC COE Peter Moore informed that the LFC club's stewards have volunteered to help the people during the lockdown at Liverpool State due to the COVID-19.

Peter posted couple of tweets that supermarket managers on Merseyside that the Anfield Stadium stewards are ready to help people with goods and daily necessary commodities

He tweeted " Message to supermarket managers here on Merseyside. Our stadium stewards here at LFC are offering their time in volunteering to help with crowd control, parking control, assisting their groceries to their cars. "

Peter said in another tweet " They are truly the best in the business and would be delighted to help in whatever way you would deem appropriate on your premises. Please DM me so that I can put you in contact." @PeterMooreLFC

English football clubs are doing everything they can do help people. Manchester United and Manchester City on Saturday announced that they will be jointly donating 100,00 pounds to support the local food banks.

Aston Villa distributed 1,000 packed lunches intended for matchday staff at their postponed game. Chelsea to the local homeless organization and sheltered accommodation units.