Hello friends, all where you are on this occasion, I will review one of the soccer players who is known for their controversy, he is a ruthless child born to a couple of immigrants from Ghana who was adopted by one of the Italian couples. Balotelli parents live in the Brescia region known as slums in Italy, this area is inhabited by immigrants from Africa, one of them is Balotelli parents, Balotelli was adopted when he was not even 3 years old and in his new family he was very happy, at the age He was sent to a football club there for 5 years, while at the club he was the only black player and made a mockery of his friends.

Since then the journey of his career has been winding up because of the racism he has received since he was a child. In fact, he had to fight hard to be accepted into Italian citizenship. This emerged when he represented the Italian national team to compete in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 overcome and he gets official citizenship.

Balotelli's football career shone when he was bought by the Italian league giants Inter Milan and made his debut in 2007 where he grew rapidly and got a chance against big clubs and from there clubs began to be interested in recruiting him, but problems arose after the Ghana national team called him in 2007 but he refused and preferred Italy as his country.finally after getting Italian citizenship in 2008 he was immediately called to strengthen the Italian national team aged 21 and from there he became the Italian goal machine, after which he was immediately summoned by the senior Italian team to join them because the potential shown so far was great for development team

in 2010 contracted by Manchester City because of its excellent performance with Milan international, disciplinary problems became one of the factors of his controversy until he made a number of problems there to argue with the coach. in 2013 he joined AC Milan where he survived the next 1 season bought by Liverpool but his performance was not good there and finally loaned back to AC Milan. in 2016 he moved to NICE, at the French league club he performed well and scored many goals there.