Good afternoon, all of you, on this occasion we will review one of the La Liga matches that bring together Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid. this is one of the matches awaited by soccer supporters from all over the world

Barcelona managed to rise in this big match with a 2-0 victory. in the previous match they were forced to draw 4-4 with Villarreal. a lot of luck in the previous match after Villarreal played with 10 people.

this match has been fierce since the early minutes and even a few times Barcelona threatened Atletico Madrid's goal as well as otherwise Atletico Madrid threatened the Barcelona goal, but Barcelona were luckier because Atletico Madrid played 10 men from 28 minutes after Diego Costa received a red card

after playing with 10 players Atletico Madrid began to defend their defense. Barcelona stormed with great passion how many resounding rescues were made by Atletico Madrid goalkeeper until the first half after the score was 0-0

in the second half Barcelona managed to master the match since the early minutes but they were still very difficult to penetrate the Atletico Madrid defense. because of the tight guard carried out by their players but finally Barcelona managed to break into Atletico Madrid in the 85th minute through Luis Suarez. one minute later Barcelona added advantage through Lionel Messi