Hello everyone, how are you today, on this occasion I will review one of the 38 weeks of La Liga matches, of course this is the last week of the season which will bring together Levante versus Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid are certain to be in second place in the final standings because it is impossible to be pursued by the current 3 rd ranking of Real Madrid, they can play relaxed or fight it out in this match because the results will not affect the standings anymore

Levante had a high motivation in this match they took the initiative to beat Atletico Madrid, of course this was proven because they managed to score the first goal on 6 minutes through Erick Cabaco, not only until they also scored the second goal on 36 minutes through Roger Marti, this score lasted until the first half ended

Atletico Madrid just heated up in the second round they managed to get up and score the first goal on 68 minutes through Rodri not only there Atletico also managed to score their second goal in the 79th minute through Sergio camello Perez, Atletico got a red card in this match that was driven by Angel Correa, the score 2-2 lasted until the match was over.