First of all, I will congratulate Qatar for winning the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates. this is their first championship as far as the Asian Cup goes. a burst of happiness was reflected on the face of the Qatari player after successfully overthrowing the Japanese Asai giants with a score of 3-1.

Before this final match began, many parties who champion Japan will again lift the championship this year, but when the match was reversed and Qatar won the first time.

In the early minutes of the game it was normal, but in the 12th minute Qatar managed to excel quickly through Almoez Ali's goal, of course this immediately added their enthusiasm to attack Japanese defense, finally Qatar managed to score their second goal on 27 minutes through the Abdulaziz Hatem score. last until the first half is over

Entering the second half the match flow has changed so that Japan managed to reduce the distance to 2-1 in 69 minutes through Takumi Minamino, with this goal Japan again attacked quickly but disastrously occurred in the 80th minute where the referee showed a white spot after the Japanese player hit handball, Akram Afif managed to take advantage of these opportunities so that the score became 3-1 and lasted until the match was over.