Álvaro Morata will wear new jersey no. He choose 29 instead of 9 and explained that the number had meaning for his family.

" Morata is playing with 29 this seasons, " Chelsea said on its official website on Wednesday.

" The 29th is a day I will never forget, " Morata said in an interview with the official website. Because it was the day my twin son was born. We want to add two more times to remember the special day, explained the reason for the change.

Morata apologized to fans who had purchased " No. 9 uniform. " Morata added that he is sorry for fans who purchased the number 9 uniform and asked for their understanding.

Chelsea announced that it will exchange Morata's No.9 uniform for free from the official store. The refunded uniform number 9 will be donated to charity.

" The day came when I was waiting, " Morata said through his social networking site account on Wednesday. July 29, 2018. I will never forget today.

In the picture, Morata and Morata's wife Alice Campello welcomed the birth of their two babies with happy looks. " Thank you for making the most beautiful and amazing gift in the world, " Morata said. I also thank my doctors for their care.