Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has made an apology on his social media account twitter to Kevin Debruyne who was unintentionally injured on the UEFA Champions league Final by Rudiger, Kevin Debruyne was unable to finish the game and also his team lost in the final. Rudiger attempt was to stop him from passing him but things went the other way and it looks as if it was and intentional injury.

Several Chelsea fans commend Antonio Rudiger action as he publicly made an apology but some other team who never wanted Chelsea to win the Champions league were against him, they mentioned Antonio Rudiger made the foul on purpose and he intentionally got him injured. Manchester City player also got Thiago Silva injured but nothing was said about that because Chelsea had another replacement for him.

Some fans also mentioned that he foul Debruyne because he was their main player and a threat to Chelsea and if he was still on the pitch Chelsea would not win the Uefa Champions league. But this kind of issue is never new in football where the best player of the team are always targeted in order to bring them down so that their won't be any threat against their own side.