Gareth Bale who was transferred from Real Madrid to London on a loan spell at Tottenham has not been performing to expectations with his old club. he has tried in other to perform with the team but Jose Mourinho has never any intention of keeping him and also never believed in him. recently, Gareth Bale performance has increased and Jose Mourinho is pleased with it. he really has worked so much by regaining his form and confidence even in the training ground.

Gareth Bale has last scored in the Premier League since November, but he found his form to scoring in the first 1/16 final of the Europa League against Austrian Wolf's berger, he also scored in the second leg which shows more improvement and adoption to the team. but there is still an issue on his deal as Tottenham are not willing to sign him on a permanent contract.

Tottenham still needed a player like Bale as he can be a better signing for them and also his fee is not high but Tottenham fear is lost of form.

Tottenham have not exactly regained their form in the Premier League as they are currently sitting on the ninth place, also they are scheduled to play against Burnley today which will decide if they will go up or remain where they are.