It was a great showdown between the Italian side Juventus and the English team Chelsea in the second game of the Uefa Champions league at the Allianz Stadium. Juventus achieved a victory by beating Chelsea 1-0 in the early minute of the second half. The first half of the game there was a heavy pressure on Juventus and all the could do is to stay at their half playing defensive game despite much possession gotten by Chelsea.

Chelsea play so well throughout the game but they couldn't create a lot of Chances that could result to any goal, but Juventus maintain their Home advantage and took the victory with the only chance they had to score. Chelsea are currently having 3 points while Juventus Continues to top the league with 6 points.

Chelsea are currently in a second game losing streak in all competitions, they Lost to Manchester City over the weekend in the English Premier league game round 6 at the Etihad Stadium. Chelsea will be looking forward to make a return over the weekend against Southampton in the 7th round of the English Premier league.