Since the arrival of Jose Mourinho to Tottenham Hotspur the main goal he has is to make the team bigger, better and stronger by signing a lot of player and also release unwanted player from the Club. Jose took over last winter but he couldn't do a lot on the team but since signing several players he has been able to transform the team to something better.

Tottenham Hotspur performance was extraordinary and they are the current leader in the English Premier League while the reigning champion is behind them and sitting on second position, I believe Tottenham Hotspur will go a long way this season but not so sure if they cool win the English Premier League.

However, Jose Mourinho has never included Dele Alli to his plan which means he is never needed in the current Tottenham Hotspur plan, Alli is one of the most loyal and first choice of former coach Mauricio Pochettino but since he was sacked and Mourinho take over, Alli has not been having a good playing time. He is still a young man and he can't be sitting on the bench despite his small age and performance.

According to media, Paris Saint Germain are reportedly interested in signing Dele Alli on loan because of their interest in him, they are supposed to make a permanent move but it seems his club never wanted to lose him due to many potential he possessed. If Tottenham Hotspur could sell Alli on a permanent move they will really regret their actions.