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 Liverpool beat West Ham 4-0 in the opening match of the Premier League at the Anfield Stadium.

Sadio Mane, who changed his uniform number from 19 to 10 for the symbol of the ace, scored a multi-goal goal.

Keita, who clinched the Liverpool transfer early last season and joined ahead of the season, quickly melted into the game as if he played Liverpool last season. Except for one or two minor signs, the play was smooth throughout the day.

Keita was the type of player Liverpool wanted so much. Liverpool managed to finish fourth in the league last season.

As Philippe Coutinho caused noise, the creativity of the mid-level has declined sharply since the end of his move to Barcelona in January this year. When the midfield failed to support the attack, Robert firmino had to come down all the way.

In particular, mane was a great victim. He came down and started focusing on making play. Although he has shown enough talent as a playmaker, Mane is the most threatening player to receive the ball in front of him based on his fast-paced and personal skills. Manet, who led Liverpool's offense in the 16/17 season, concentrated on assistant manager's duties during the last 17/18 season while Salah was on a phenomenal scoring march.

Although it was a game, Keita showed the ability to solve the problem on this day. Like when Bundesliga was playing for Leipzig, the team made a wide array of moves and exchanged balls. In the build-up process, he came down to the ground and joined the team in tuning up, but he was already infiltrating into the opposing defense line.

Keita smoothly connected the air with a spotless pass throughout the game. The dribble breakthrough, which was often attempted instead of passing, was also impressive. When Keita played the role of the link, mane who climbed up to the front came back alive. Liverpool's first and second goal, where Salah and Mane have both scored, was the starting point of the pass Keita sent to the right timing. Despite his second goal, he stayed close to the defense line instead of coming down deep.

In the 24th minute of the second half, when Firmino was replaced by Central midfielder Jordan Henderson, Mane moved to the center striker and keita went up to Wingford instead. Although he is not an explosive player like Mane, Keita has been widely involved in the offense with his mobility and soccer sense. It was a glimpse of Keita's versatility.

After a while, 37 minutes into the second half, xerdan Shakiri made his debut instead of Mane, who stepped down with a standing ovation from his fans. Shakiri also showed good breathing with Salah as soon as it was replaced, offering new attack options. Shakiri, who moved from Stoke City after being demoted last season, proved in a short period of time that he is not only a member of the lower-ranked team but also a member of the top-level team.

Allison, who moved from AS Roma to Liverpool, also made a comfortable debut by breaking the record of highest transfer fee in the history of the goalkeeper. Although West Ham failed to make any significant offense, the team postponed the stage to prove its ransom, but displayed accurate kick and good performance with the defense team. Daniel Sturridge, who returned from a long injury, proved his presence as soon as he was substituted in the 43rd minute.

Liverpool hasn't made their debut yet, and most of the players for Dejan Lovren have been in a bad shape due to the aftermath of the World Cup. Although he didn't have enough time to keep up with the new players, Liverpool won a landslide victory from the opening game. Liverpool is aiming for a second straight win against Crystal Palace.