Romelu Lukaku has realised his mistakes by going to the media to disrespect the team and said he is not happy at team, the funny part was that it wasn't supposed to come from a newly signed player and also a professional who just moved to Chelsea. Romelu Lukaku attracted Chelsea when they needed a goal getter and with how he has developed after he leaves Chelsea and Manchester United he has proven himself at Inter Milan with his performance that shows he is now matured.

Signing a player for £97 Million wasn't a joke and Chelsea expected him to do more not some sort of silly talks that was coming from his mouth which makes Thomas Tuchel to exclude him from the team that played against Liverpool that resulted to 2-2. Not that Chelsea do not need him in that match but the coach decision was to discipline him that it is never done that way, all he expected from him is to focus on helping the team win more games.

He was interviewed yesterday and there was a lot of apology coming from him to the fans, his teammates and the board, he said he never meant it that way and his determination was to play and help Chelsea win trophies. He also mentioned that he is not ready to leave now and that was why he penned a Five years deal for Chelsea. He us now ungrounded and he will feature in today's game in the Semifinals of Carabao Cup against Tottenham Hotspur.