Tottenham released its 2018-19 season uniforms on its website on Wednesday. 

The uniform uses navy blue, as is the case with lily on its top and navy blue in its socks.

Tottenham said goodbye to its 118-year history at home stadium White Hart Lane after the 2016-17 season. The 2017-18 season New Wembley has been used as a temporary home ground, and the newly-built New White Hart Lane is expected to be completed by 7  month 2018. Tottenham are scheduled to play the 2012-19 season at its new stadium.

The uniform design is modeled to allow players ' energy to explode based on the elements of creativity and power in the new stadium (New White Hart Lane). " White Hart Lane's zip code, coordinates and messages of pride are carved inside the collar of his home uniform, " he said.

Tottenham explains that the new uniform combines Hyundai's identity with the team's rich history.