It was a determination night for Villarreal as they play a decisive match against the Italian team Atalanta in the Uefa Champions league game at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia Stadium. Villarreal was able to take the 3 points putting them on the 2nd position behind the group leader Manchester United. Villarreal 3-2 win hive them a spot in the round 16 of the Urfa Champions league and Atalanta will be proceeding to the Uefa Europa league competition.

Before this game it's a 1 points difference between the two teams and the fight I'd for round 16 of the Uefa Champions league and Europa league qualifying but Villarreal shows that they are the best and they were able to utilise chance that they had in this game. Villarreal played so well in the first half and they are 2-0 ahead of Atalanta in the second half they had another goal in the 51 minutes that makes them feel the smell of the qualifying.

But unfortunately Villarreal feel relaxed on the 3 goals and things started changing when Atalanta scored their first goal in the 71 minutes, another one came in when the time was 80 minutes and it was all pressure on Villarreal till the 90 minutes when they defend the 3-2.