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Courtois, who recently moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid has become the talk of the town. With the sudden transfer of Courtois, Chelsea had to buy the Atletic Bilbao keeper Kepa at a high price, and Real Madrid had two outstanding goalkeeper resources.

Now that the league has reached the second round, Real Madrid has put Navas on the field in both games. Curtua started off on the bench and just watched Navas' wild activity.

Navas' incredible performance has made fans more excited. Real Madrid fans insist that Navas continue to be the main goalie player.

According to reports, one fan said, "Courtois seemed nervous after seeing Navas' incredible performance. "Of course, Navas, the former chief of the team's leading team, will continue to play in the game."

However, unlike fans' opinions, Courtois is expected to make his debut soon.