Yes, I know you will be suprised to see me write this article today, knowing fully well that the EPL resumes tomorrow, and not today.

I feel it would be nice if I provide analysis on 2 games going down in the EPL on Saturday to you, my esteemed readers.

And since it is my usual habit of writing on 1 game per day, I will be providing analysis on 1 today, whilst the other will be left for tomorrow.

4 games will definitely be going down on Saturday, however, you will want to agree with me that the games involving Manchester City versus West Ham United, and Leeds United versus Aston Villa will be the eye catching games of the day.

For today, we will be focusing on the game involving Marcelo Bielsa's Peacocks and Dean Smith's Lions. Shall we proceed?


1) The first stat that tends to favor Marcelo Bielsa's men is their slight better performanvce in their last 8 matches compared to Aston Villa's in as many games.

The Peacocks are 2 points better having won 4 games lost 4, whilst the Lions have 3 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses.

I believe this should provide some level of motivation for the Peacocks, don't you?

2) Another stat that favors the Peacocks is their slightly better "head to head" over the Lions in their last 8 encounters.

They, Leeds, have claimed 3 wins, 3 draws, and 2 losses against Villa. A good one for them you want to say.

What makes this stat better is the fact that Villa are winless against Leeds in their last 3 meetings with the latter claiming 2 victories and a stalemate, including a massive 3 nil victory earlier this season.

From the above, you will want to give this game to Leeds, won't you?

However, before you draw your conclusion, let's also take a look at stats favoring Aston Villa, shall we?


1) Villa's impressive general performance this season ia definitely one thing that puts them ahead of Leeds.

The Lions are currently on 36 points having played 2 games less, and they could move to as high as 6th position all things been equal if they win their outstanding games, thereby claiming an European competition spot.

This is definitely a huge motivation for getting a win in this game for the Lions don't you think?

2) Another fact that could be a huge boost for Dean Smith's men is Leeds United keeping up a good performance.

The Peacocks could amaze you with a stunning victory and performance in one week, then put a shambolic display the next week.

I believe you know this is one character not accepted when you play in England's apex league, and it won't be surprising if Aston Villa take advantage of this loop hole.


Although both teams have stats backing them to get a win in this game, a draw is definitely not off the table considering how close their performance have been in their last 8 games this season.

What's your opinion on this game? Do you think the Peacocks will do a double over the Lions this season, or will it be the latter who will avenge their first leg loss?

Much love from your Football Analyst and Writer, IbkDaGreat.