Moving on to the 2nd EURO2020 Semifinal tie which will decide which team faces off against the Azzurris of Italy in the Finals.

What makes this game more interesting is the dramatic way in which Denmark won the hearts of many football lovers all over the globe after the Christian Erikson's horror incident in their first game.

And in all honesty, the Danish Dynamites have proved that they truly deserved that attention given to them looking at how they've risen from from the ashes of their 2 first game defeats to get this far in the competition.

However, nothing should be taken away from the 3 Lions of England who have been phenomenal themselves.

Hmm, seems we are already been carried away aren't we? Don't you think it would be best we proceed to the analysis of the game?

Starting off with Gareth Southgate's men


1) The first stat in favor of the 3 Lions is their impressive performance so far in the competition.

They've managed 4 wins, including a huge victory over Germany, and 1 draw so far in the competition scoring a whooping 10 goals and conceding none in the process.

This should be a huge source of confidence for Gareth Southgate's men don't you think?

2) Bearing it's root from the second paragraph in No 1, a bigger source of worry for the Danish Dynamites will be how to breach the 3 Lions' backline.

England remains the only team.yet to concede a goal in this tournament, and loads of Kudos should be given to that impressive backline as not even the German Machines could find an answer to it.

Another big boost for England and a huge source of worry for Denmark, isn't it?

3) One last fact that shouldn't be overlooked is the "Home advantage" the 3 Lions have going into this game.

The game is set to be played at the Wembley Stadium which we all know to be their home ground.

Don't you think this advantage will provide some motivation for Gareth Southgate's men.

We can keep rolling in stats in favor of England, but for the sake of not making this blogpost too long, don't you think it will be nice to move straight to stats favoring Kasper Hjulmand's men?

Smiles, Thanks a lot for that permission.


I) In all honesty, the Danish Dynamites never really looked liked underdogs to me before the commencement of this competition considering their impressive results before it kickstared.

Unfortunately and sadly, Christian Erikson's horror incident in their first game had some huge impact on their early campaign as they lost their First 2 games.

The Danish Dynamites however revived that impressive performance I saw in them before the beginning of the competition, crawling back their way into the competition and making huge statements as they thrashed Russia, Wales, and Czech Republic on their way to the Semifinals scoring a whopping 10 goals and conceding 2 in the process.

If you're to judge from the last 3 games Kasper Hjulmand's have played, don't you think Gareth Southgate's men shouldn't be too confident of a getting a win in this contest?

2) Another stat in favor of the Danish Dynamites is their fair "Head to Head" results against the 3 Lions in the last 5 meetings between both sides.

The former have managed 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw in these encounters with the last game being a victory for them.

This should provide some boost for Kasper Hjulmand's men going into this game, isn't it?

3) The "Christian Erikson" effect.

Many might not understand this, but I sense this Danish team.are drawing loads of psychological boost from "Christian Erikson".

Out of the blues, they've earned massive fans all over the globe after the incident, feeding on this Aura in addition to their own superb performance.

We all know the greatest threat to deal.with is that which is fueled from both the inside and the outside which is what the Danish Dynamites are preying on at the moment and which should be a huge source of worry for the 3 Lions of England.

What's your take on this point? I will be very eager to listen to them.


With the stats before us, picking the 3 Lions of England will be a safe option, but don't underestimate the strength of the well fueled Danish Dynamites.

We should definitely get loads entertaining moments in this fixture. Do well to enjoy them.

Also feel.free to drop your comment and critics, they will be hugely appreciated.

Your favorite Football Analyst and Writer, IbkDaGreat, Loves You all.