English top-flight team Leicster City were shown the exit door from the UEFA Europa league.

The Brendan Rodgers -led side were dumped to the conference league courtesy brilliance from Italian side Napoli.

Highlights on the game

All Leicester City needed was to get at least a draw from the game and they would have made it through. Nonetheless, once again, their defensive woes were made prevalent.

So far, Leicester City have only managed to keep three clean sheets in well over 22 matches. This is one major statistics that would have to change if Brendan Rodger's men desire to make progress.

They no doubt looked like a shadow of what they were last season and the season before.

Leicester missed qualification by inches

More often than not, we have seen Brendan Rodgers men emerge as fortunate candidates even after terrible performances.

And they were about to be granted on such opportunity Legia Warsaw on the other end were given a penalty against Moscow. However, against the wish of most Leicester fans, the penalty was missed and they were made to pay for their awful performances.


Leicester City have one major thing to change as they head for their conference league.

Provided they can work on their defensive woes, they stand a chance of becoming the eventual winners of the conference league.