English top-flight Liverpool have been dealt with another injury blow. Although the severity has not been discovered, it is not looking rosy for Midfielder Oxlade Chamberlain.

The midfielder played in a position where he most likely was not fond off. The English man was deployed on the right hand side of the pitch, exactly were Egyptian winger Mo Salah plays.

And in the absence of Mo, Chamberlain gave a good account of himself until he received the knock to his ankle.

Details of the injury

The English man was taken off the pitch just few minutes after his injury. Although Chamberlain has not had the rosiest of careers at Anfield, he had hoped this one time would have been different.

About six minutes after receiving the knock, Oxlade Chamberlain signalled to the Liverpool bench. Insisting he would not be able to continue the game.

Jurgen Klopp's reaction

These are not the easiest of times for Klopp and Liverpool. A handful of his players are representing their countries in the African Cup of nations.

With Chamberlain signalling he would not continue, Klopp may have felt unhappy. However, he gave Chamberlain a professional pat on the back as the Englishman stepped out.


As was earlier highlighted, these are not the easiest of times at Anfield. Yet, if they desire to keep picking up vital points, the manager would have to wrap his head around the situation.