I have noticed or rather my attention have been drawn to some users posts or blogs not getting high upvotes as it used to be some few weeks ago, while some others whom their blogs rarely got high upvotes are now getting high payouts on their blogs. This sometimes makes the not too meticulous users to wonder if it has to do with the scorum ecosystem, hence they start looking for who or what to blame. It's no time for blame game, relax and go through this post.

Just like in real life, there is a reason why every user experience some things here on scorum, whether good times or struggling moments. Some happen to fix a particular problem, others occur as a result of our own actions which we may not have paid attention to. Whichever way you wanna see it, just know that there is always a "cause and effect."


In Africa where I come from, there is this witty saying that "a toad doesn't run on day time for fun, it's either it's after something or something is after it." It goes to support my above assertion that things make things happen, in other words, there is no smoke without fire.

From my little research and observation, I have spotted some possible causes of why some persons stopped upvoting your posts and how to find yourselve back on track. Most times we never know we've skidded off the lane, and when its repercussions come knocking, we go blank on where and how to start righting our wrongs.

I believe this post will go a long way to put us on the know and how to enjoy the dividends of this promising platform.

You Stopped Interacting.

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Remember when you signed up earlier on the platform? You were almost everywhere reading fellow users posts and sharing your opinion about their posts. You continued drawing their attention to yourself, you gave them a signal that you came as a real friend to interact with them and share your thoughts.

Just like the politicians who come down to the masses, with all shades of a responsible and caring leader, being generous and benign, but after they're voted into office, their policies will rarely improve the livelihood of the electorates.


Immediately you got the person's attention, they followed you too and you started earning from their upvotes on your posts. With time, you rarely visited their blog, or reply to their comments on your posts. Maybe you didn't thought it necessary to interact with your readers and followers, but trust me, it's one of the most important things you should always follow up on scorum.

The effect of this is that they will stop visiting your posts, or clicking the upvote button. And they may go as far as unfollowing your blog. So check yourself again, you could be guilty of this without knowing, start interacting now to enhance your upvotes.

You Stopped Upvoting Others.

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It's quite funny how you post and expect other users to upvote your blog when you've not been upvoting theirs. It's simple human science. It's really necessary to also appreciate other people's efforts no matter how small you think your upvote worth is.

You see sometimes, those with lesser scorum power(SP) feel there is no need to upvotes a whale's post, since their upvote worth is insignificant to them. But when you post, you keep looking up to them to boost your posts with their upvotes.


The whales too deserves to be appreciated, they know your worth, but finding time to click the upvote button for them goes a long to keep your name on their mind. Because if you're stingy with upvotes when you have little, there is also a high tendency that you will still be stingy when you have more.

So if you've stopped upvoting other people's blog, you need to start. Everyone deserves to be appreciated when they create good contents, whether big or small. This will also spur them to appreciate your blog with their upvotes.

You Have Been Plagiarising.

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Well, as common as this name is on the platform and outside the scorum platform, some people still go ahead to engage in the act of intellectual theft. It's a very disgusting act that makes people to lose respect for you, and once caught, it will be hard to win their trust back.

So how does plagiarism on the platform reduce your post payouts or the upvotes you get on your blog?

With the advent of the automatic plagiarism tool incorporated into the scorum platform, it gives people the liberty to check how original or unique your posts are before they will give it their upvotes. If your post or posts are found wanting or falls below standard, they are reserved with the right not to upvote your posts.

With time, they will stop checking your posts entirely, and you start wondering what is happening. Please stay away from plagiarism, if you really wanna be getting supports from other users on your posts.

You Started Making Low Quality Posts.

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You're probably wondering why you no longer get upvotes from some certain people again? Well, check again, you stopped creating qualitative contents that attracted them to your blog.

One of the biggest error you will ever conceive is to think that anyone is under an obligation to upvote your posts. The Upvotes you get are not as of right or obligation, it's giving to you depending on what attracts people to your blog, when you stop doing that, it turns them off.

When you stop creating good contents and start churning out haphazard posts that looks like Facebook or WhatsApp status, you're likely not to receive an upvote from from your regular upvotes.

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope this will help many of us to keep the fire burning on the platform.