TRENDING: Davinson Sanchez shares his thoughts on Tottenham's exit from the Conference League

English side Tottenham were eliminated from the UEFA conference league. This happened following the outbreak of covid-19 within squad members and staff members.

A day after the elimination, defender Davinson Sanchez has expressed annoyance over the actions taken by UEFA. According to him, the European club football body were not fair with their actions.

UEFA fail to stick to their deadline

Bearing in mind the outbreak of covid-19 among numerous teams, UEFA at first gave a deadline of December 31st for clubs to play their outstanding games.

So, it came as a surprise for many when Tottenham's quest to reschedule the game before December 31st was cancelled.

An offer made by Spurs official was to play the outstanding conference league game on Monday. Yet, their stand was refused by UEFA who insisted they would be kicked out of the competition.

Details of Davinson Sanchez's statement

In expression of his frustration, the Spurs defender pointed out that all teams have the right to play within the stipulated guidelines.

Particularly putting into consideration that the covid-19 breakout within the squad was a circumstance out of their control.


The actions of Davinson Sanchez seem to be like those of an individual crying over spilled milk.

The decision has been taken by UEFA, and it is looking like the final nail on the coffin.