Friday evening the Jammerbugt FC players got a reminder of how defeat tastes like. It is a feeling the team had not yet had in this year's 2. division.

In the 11th round, however, in an away game against the on paper biggest favorites, Kolding IF, the series of unbeaten matches was broken. It was number 1 against number 2 and just as Jammerbugt FC, the hosting team Kolding IF was also undefeated, so it was a game both teams were looking forward to.

Unfortunately, the match did not go as hoped for. Jammerbugt FC did not quite deliver the high level that otherwise had characterized the performances of the team this season and individual mistakes gave Kolding goals and essentially at the end all three points.

Of course, it has to be said that the very strong Kolding team had its share of the blame for the first defeat of Jammerbugt FC of the season.

With the game only four minutes old, the hosts managed to score the first goal. It came directly from a corner kick. From the corner flag, the ball took a route over the defense and keeper and into the far corner. An unfortunate beginning to such a difficult task set out for Jammerbugt FC.

The team refused to lie down early though. The first half was close and both teams had their chances, but on the day the Jammerbugt FC team lacked that last percentage in their overall performance.

Towards the end of the first half, Jammerbugt FC got the chance to equalize as Søren V. Pedersen set up a good attack with a pass through the Kolding defensive lines. Robert Kakeeto picked up the ball and pasted it on to Viktor Ahlmann, who, under pressure from Kolding players took a shot at goal, past the Kolding keeper, but unfortunately also past the goal.

Robert Kakeeto picked up the ball and pasted it on to Viktor Ahlmann

With the 1-0 score line at break time, Jammerbugt FC was still very much in the game and it continued to stay close for most of the second half as well. With a good 20 minutes left on the clock, however, Kolding stroke again.

The 2-0 goal came from a penalty kick. The ball found a Kolding player in the penalty area, who was then taken down by Søren V. Pedersen, who came a little too heavy into the duel. Kolding scored from the spot and then it began to look very difficult for Jammerbugt FC to bounce back.

At this point Jammerbugt FC was forced to take chances in the search for a way back into the game. Kolding stayed strong, and managed instead to set up a counter attack with five minutes left of the match. The Jammerbugt FC defense stood high up the field when a Kolding player slipped right through and ran towards goal. 3-0 it was and the game decided.

Jammerbugt FC managed to have a final say in the game, when the team reduced the score to 3-1, in a way telling that they might have lost this battle, nothing however, is yet decided in the big battle for the top spots.

It was central defender Nikolaj Lyngø who got past a Kolding man in the opposing half of the field and sent a shot from distance into the net. A great goal to end the game in Kolding.

Central defender Nikolaj Lyngoe

The result meant that the two teams changed positions at the top of the leaderboard, and now Jammerbugt FC must get back to winning ways again in the best possible way. The best medicine is a new game as fast as possible and that will be the upcoming weekend, where Ringkøbing IF visit the bay for another close encounter at the top of the table.

Team: Emil Kobberup – Simon Jensen (Kasper Skov), Søren V. Pedersen, Lasse Steffensen (Mathias Johannesen), Nikolaj Lyngø, Mads Larsen – Anders R. Jensen, Robert Kakeeto (Max Møller), Christian Rye – Sead Gavranovic, Viktor Ahlmann.

Click on this link to have full video footage from mycojoo.

Kolding IF – Jammerbugt FC: 3-1 (1-0)

04’ 1-0 Simon Kollerup Smidt (Kolding IF)

69’ 2-0 Rune Nautrup (Kolding IF)

86’ 3-0 Denis Fazlagic (Kolding IF)

90’ 3-1 Nikolaj Lyngø (Jammerbugt FC)

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