Snakes appear in the game.


We like those games. Love the game may have seen many games in life, I have heard many play names and I also participate in many games.

But have you ever played with snakes? Or saw the snake game? Did you hear the name of this strange game? Yes, I will write about that weird game today.

Snake is a reptile animal, which can be found in forest forests. But in many countries of the world, this snake is observed. There are different reasons. To make snake venom and to make drugs. It is strange when someone casts snakes to play with snakes. Snake Game is an ancient game of the game. Which is going to be lost over time. I think this game is very good for the tour of Bangladesh and I enjoy playing myself.

Those who handle snake games are called snakes or ''ozha'' in local languages. They play together in different markets, on the roadside, by playing a variety of bullshit. It is noteworthy that in the name of Bashi they play, their nickname ''Bin''.

The snake dances in the hibernosis process by applying their different organisms and techniques. In this, ordinary people are happy and are happy to pay their money.

Note that, The only occupation of the livelihood of snake charmers is to show snake venom and to sell various medicines.

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