I think this is the first match between two teams that are actually on the same level this season. Unlike the Liverpool vs. Leeds and Fulham vs. Arsenal matches, this one will be as competitive as it can get because the teams involved are healthy enough for each other and well-matched.

In this article, we'll compare and contrast their stats to see which team is in a better position to win in their game tomorrow. We'll look at their head to head stats, their previous games, and then we'll predict what the results would be so that you can have a clearer understanding of the situation before you stake your money.

Head to Head

Tottenham has been a really good side in the Premier League for some years now. Going as far as they did in the Champions League two seasons ago was quite impressive, but when placed against the Everton side, it's not about just a few years ago; they've been the better side of all time, and their head to head records clearly show that.

Tottenham and Everton have both played 43 games against each other, and Tottenham seems to have been ruthless with the wins. Although there have been 16 draws, Tottenham has won 20 games, leaving the remaining 7 for Everton.

The records speak for themselves but going by these statistics, we might see misjudgment because they played two draws in their last three games, and Tottenham won 1. We can say that the Everton side might be coming up to take control now. Well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Previous Games Records

We're going to be considering their previous eight games to see which team has done well enough recently to take this early win. We all know that these two teams played in the Premier League, so we can agree that they faced the same competitive level.

The Tottenham side has not relented in recent years. Although they didn't make it into next season's Champions League, they proved themselves worthy in the Premier League. Maybe with some more energy and luck, they'll end up winners soon. In their last eight games, they won a total of 6 games. They drew one and lost the last and most recent one against Watford.

Everton, on the other hand, looks to be struggling to win a match. Their last eight games haven't been anything to reckon with. It does look like they will have a hard time recording a draw against the current Tottenham side. In Everton's previous eight games, they won only two. They drew three and lost the remaining 3. One of their last eight games was against Tottenham, and they lost it too, but the margin is just one goal.


We'll place the odds at 1.8 for Tottenham to win, 4.5 for Everton to win, and 3.8 for a draw.

May the better side win.


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