All good things have to come to an end. That is just how life and how competitions are in every sport today. The Women World Cup has been phenomenal. It came with everything which one would want in a competition. The goals, the spectacular and even a bit of an outburst between player and the president. However, it must come to an end with the two most deserving teams in the world fighting it out for that ultimate price. It is the United States of America against the Netherlands in what should be fiery finals befitting of a world cup.


Staying dominant for years is not an easy feat for any nation. In fact, only a few nations have been able to accomplish this feat. However, this is exactly what the USA are vying to achieve with a title right here in France. However, to achieve that would not come as easily as they would have called. They would have to dispatch off Holland in what should be a tough encounter. Led by their ever outspoken captain Rapinoe who leads but is currently at odds with the leader of her country would seek to engrave their name in the legends of football. All that stands in their way is a stubborn team from Europe.


If there is one thing the girls from the Netherlands has been able to prove to everyone with their performance in the World Cup, that would be the fact that they have the ability to match and perhaps rule over any team in the world at the moment. Their story in the World Cup has been flawless to the final straw. However, if there is any team who can put a dent to their confidence, that team would be the defending champions. This game would come down to who simply has the most desirable and who get this match tactically. The form would also prove to be crucial. However, they are simply on the same level at the moment.


For the defending champions, they have not allowed anyone to even sniff at the crown in recent matches. Six games played, six games won. A perfect score. This record has the ability to intimidate most teams which they would play against anywhere in the world as it shows a hot rampant streaking USA women team in action. One match which is of particular interest would be their match against Thailand which ended 13-0. Clearly then, they are here for strictly business.

For Holland though, that record has no hold on them. While they have not won by that margin, they also have a perfect score with six wins out of six matches all at this world cup. It is a match that is surely a difficult one to call.

The USA seems to have the necessary experience to out the burning flames of the girls from Holland while Holland seems to have the desirable fire and drive to get the result they so desperately want. It is delicately poised with just one winner on Sunday.