The French league is coming to a close in what has been business as usual in this league. As was expected from the beginning, PSG ended the season on top of the league with other challengers lagging way behind without any chance of catching up. Therefore, on the last day of the league approaches, there would not much to play for except pride and a few positions left. The match between PSG and Reims would thus be a match free from all pressure. This should ensure the match becomes a real match to remember.


PSG are the team to beat in the French League. With the exception of the Monaco miracle some years back, PSG has simply been untouchable in the league. They are clearly poised to keep winning the league for many years to come as far the means of securing the top players remains easy. Coming into the last game of the season, PSG has managed to accumulate 91 points from the 37 games that they have played. However, the last phase of this League has not really been excellent as they have struggled to win in the light of the injuries that they have faced. They would be hoping to give their fans something to cheer about when they play their last away game of the season.


Reims would be satisfied with their achievements this season. While they might not be on the same level with PSG, they have suddenly heard their own this season in the league. This league has seen them end in 9th place this season after playing 37 games. However, a win here against PSG could actually see them end up in 7th in the league if other results go their way. They would be hoping to end their season on a memorable note and would hope to enjoy their next season in the league to the full.


The form of both teams have been largely inconsistent and they would be hoping to end their season with a victory. For PSG, they have managed to win three games out of the last six games that have been played. The remaining games ended in two draws and a loss. They have won the last two games which they have played. It would be interesting to see how they would handle the game against Reims.

Reims, on the other hand, would be concerned about their recent form in relation to this game. They have managed to win just a single game out of the last six matches. The remaining games have ended up in three losses and two draws. It has surely been difficult times for Reims. They would be hoping that their home stadium would give them the necessary confidence to go in to win PSG who are already the crowned champions in the league.

The game is set to be a great fixture as both teams would make sure that they play spectacularly on the last day of the season.

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