As every international country in the world today tries to make sure that they prepare for the matches that are coming fast and thick, the Copa America is also found to be on the minds of everyone expected to play in that competition. Brazil is one of those teams and as such would preparing for a way to get their team focused and prepared for the tournament. To achieve this, a match against Honduras has been fixed as Brazil would look to ensure that they kick off their preparation on a good note.


However, it is unclear to say if their preparation has not already started off on a bad note. There has been news circulating that their star player Neymar is set to miss out of their tournament. Apart from injuries or physical problems, Neymar has also been involved in a scandalous rape case which would probably see him charge to court sooner or later. While this is the case, Brazil is surely not a one-man team and would aim to give a great showing at their regional cup tournament this season. This they would surely have to with or without Neymar. With the other players in the team pumped and ready for some action, not many people would be betting against Brazil this year.


It is good to consider the chances which Honduras would have when they come up against their South American foes. While not having the best form in the world, they are also trying to home their own in a game which can easily blow you away. Truly, the match against Brazil would be a fitting game to test how they can cope with the big teams and look to find solutions on how to progress in future dates to the team that they would want to be. However, the encounter with Brazil would be a hard stretched game. The form of their opponents would surely in no way give them any comfort.


To say that Brazil has been impressive in their last few games would be an understatement. How good they have been been shown in the fact that they have been defeated in so many games. Their record is almost flawless par a draw which came against Panama. The fact that the draw came against such a team similar to Honduras would surely give them hope that perhaps, Brazil would have the same problems when they play against each other. However, it could be that they would very well have learned their lesson and rise to the occasion.

While Panama laying stats have not been good, it cannot also be sad to be fantastic. Winning just one game in their recent matches would surely suppose this impression. However, most of the games have ended more in draws than an outright defeat. A draw would be their goal heading into the match as they seem to have become specialists in the game. There would be no dull moment when it comes to games like this.