This game will be a decider, Atalanta will be gunning for the first position while inter Milan will be counting on them to make a single mistake so that they can top them. Whatever the case may be, both teams will be under pressure, struggling not to lose the match and counting on Juventus to lose their own game. Will Atlanta allow inter Milan to come to their home and record a win? Will inter Milan give up this game because they are the away team? Well, we will find out in the game.

Head to head

Over the years, these two teams have proven to be strong competitors. None of them has allowed the other to take a win over them for three consecutive times. We can see that they are both well-matched. Out of the last eight games, Atalanta and inter Milan have both won two games. Every other game has been a draw.

It should be noted that this season they played a game on the 24th of July, and that game also ended as a draw. Is the next game going to end as a draw as well? With the current standings on the table and the current situation surrounding it, one team will inevitably do whatever it takes to secure a win.

Winning margin

The winning margin has not said so much, remember that I earlier mentioned that most of the games ended as draws. Although Inter Milan has been able to win one of the matches with a whopping six-goal margin, terrifying as that is, Atlanta is in a position currently where they can hand any team that same scoreline.

This game is going to be tough; both teams will have to bear in mind that the other side can cause real damage. If they must continue to stay at the top of the league table and ahead of the other, they must take this game seriously and try to win it.

Previous games records

One can easily see that Atalanta has been at their best since the resumption of the league. They have won most of their matches, that is not because they have not made any big team.

They have played against Napoli in a game which they won, they have played against Juventus as well as AC Milan in games that ended as draws. Looking at the records, one could easily say that they would outclass Inter Milan in the game, but from where I sit, this game could end up as another 1 - 1 draw.

On the other hand, Inter Milan has managed to lose one of their games to Bologna since the league resumed, we can say that it's an event that could have happened to even the most prominent teams.


These two teams are serious contenders. We can not wholly place one above the other. The odds would be set 1.3 for Atalanta to win, 1.5 for inter to win, and 1.5 for a draw.


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