If you are a big fan of football or soccer, you would surely agree that one of the best things that you have seen would often revolve around the determination and passion of both teams as they struggle to hit the ultimate price in whatever competition that they are making. This is the struggle which both teams playing tomorrow would have to face. With their league ambition ending in defeat, it is now time for them to put in effort in order to ensure that they are the European Championship once it kicks off. However, like all teams who are in the same group, they would have to play each other at some point and that point seems to have arrived.


Belgium is often regarded as one of the best teams out there. In fact, their present crop of players has been referred to as their golden generation. Such is the amount of talent on their hands. From players like Lukaku to Eden Hazard who just completed his move to Real Madrid, there is a lot of talent on broad to secure the victory. Being in Group I, they have made the best use of their position. One of them would be the fact that they are currently too of their group with 9 points. This is on the back of there straight wins in the qualifiers so far. They would surely be eyeing the flawless record which they have and would play well to defend their record in the group qualifiers.


Scotland would surely be thrilled with their performances in this qualifiers so far. While they might be seen as the underdogs when compared to the other teams in this group, they have surely managed to hold their own in the short run. Winning two games out of the three is a great start but one which threatens to turn lukewarm should they lose to Belgium. They would be considering a lot of factors coming into this game. Their best chance of getting something out of this match would be to set up for a draw. However, this may be difficult considering the good form which their opponents have enjoyed in recent weeks.


Belgium has maintained a great pace and this has particularly shown in the last three matches that they have played in. With only a loss against Switzerland spoiling their perfect ride so far. However, their good work cannot be overlooked and they would certainly be hyped moving forward.

Scotland has matched them though match for the match in every aspect. With four wins in the bag so far, they would feel equals in an aspect heading into this game. Belgium would obviously remain the favorites on paper. However, Scotland would have determination and passion heading into the game.

If Belgium should secure a win today, they would most likely take full control of this group. However, a win by Scotland would surely make thing more interesting heading into the fun part of the qualifiers.