PSG's ultras were not at the mercy of Neymar and the father of the Brazilian player.

Neymar was in first 11 with Strasbourg at Parc des Princes, but the PSG ultras did not forgive him. The Brazilian forced a return to Barcelona this summer, and the French will not want him in the team.

They posted a banner with a message to Neymar's father, who is also an impresario. "Neymar Sr, go and sell your son in Vila Mimosa", is the message displayed by the ultras in the lawn. Villa Mimosa is the famous prostitution area of Rio de Janeiro.

A wave of whistles and hisses could be heard from the lawn when Neymar's name was presented at the stadium speakers.

"20 million to return to Messi. No sluts in Paris!", Is another banner of French fans.