Scorum member awd2 wrote two days ago about his certainty of Liverpool wining the Premiership this season. A bold statement given Manchester City and Chelsea's summer signings are overall squad makeup too but I thought there must be a good reason for his article, not just a fools hope so, I thought I'd take a closer look at their summer signings. Lone behold they have made one of the greatest signings in their history which backs up awd2's prediction.

Liverpool have signed one of if not the best goal keepers in the world last week for £60m.

£60 million for a goal keeper are you crazy? I hear you an Everton fan I thought when we paid just shy of the world record fee for a goal keeper, £30m for Jordan Pickford from Sunderland (the now England International Goal Keeper) it may have been too much - oh how I was wrong there, he was our best player last season for Everton and won matches just off his saves alone.

So when Liverpool smashed the world record last week to take Allison from Stadio Olimpico to Anfield, I thought there was more to this deal than just the eye watering price tag. After digging into Allison's recent past I realise they have probably just landed the best goal keeper in the world and like Pickford one that can win matches for Liverpool off his gloves alone!

Just so you know the previous record paid for a goal keeper surprisingly was kept in tact for almost 20 years. Yes no one had paid more than Juventus did for Parma's Gianluigi Buffon in 2001 (£32m) until last year when Manchester City signed Allison's fellow Brazilian team mate Ederson from Benfica for £35m. When Liverpool snapped up Allison that record was almost doubled. So just how good is this record breaking Brazilian signing? Let's take a look at his stats...

The Stats Don't Lie!

Given that when Allison originally signed for Roma in 2016 he was second to their number one choice Wojciech Szczesny for the first year (a controversial point for many Brazilians) we will start with his appearances for Brazil in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Allison got his opportunity to take to the field as their number one goal keeper last season (he was considering a move elsewhere if he didn't get called up). Last season for Roma, Alisson made 109 saves last season and was the only goalkeeper in Serie A with a shots saved percentage of 79% or higher. That puts him third place last season in Europe's top ten goal keepers.

His 79% pass accuracy was more than 10% more than Liverpool's current goal keepers Karius and Mignolet. But perhaps his best stat is 17 clean sheets in 37 league games. That's almost half of Roma's games being to zero.

His sweeping stat last year was far superior to the next inline. He came off his line to clear the ball 41 times compared to 2nd place Pepe Reina who only manage this 20 times.

Finally in Opta's advance stats, it compared the quality of his saves to other goal keeper counter parts in Serie A and putting other's in is place, all other goal keepers would have conceded atleast 8 more goals than he did.

If all these impressive stats aren't good enough to convince you of just what an important signing this is for Liverpool check this video compilation out below of his ability in goal including some of his more unorthodox skills such as the ability to keep calm under pressure and take players on before distributing the ball to his team mates:

Allison's Impressive Range of Orthodox & Unorthodox Skills

Allison was regarded as Serie A's best player not just goal keeper last season. He will be a signing of much excitement but more so relief for Liverpool fan's who will no doubt still have the painful memories of Loris Karius's shocking champions league final performance in their minds from last year. Allison will help those fans finally do away with such memories are they look forward to a real title challenge this year.