Patrick Kluivert and Justin Kluivert

The star of the Dutch national team of the late 1990s Patrick Kluivert has four sons. Everyone inherited his football genes to some extent. But Justin announced himself in a better way. And even outperformed his father to some extent. At the time of the debut at Ajax squad in January, he was six months younger than Patric in a similar situation. Since then Justin managed to play 20 matches before the end of the season and score 2 goals. In 2018 he was transferred to Roma and has already played 1 match.

Enzo and Luka Zidane and Zinedine Zidane

The eldest Zidane’s son Enzo has been attracted to the training of Real Madrid for a couple of years, but still can’t get into the squad. It was expected that Zidane’s assignment as a coach will add to the young player some motivation. But the breakthrough did not happen. The star dad didn’t help. Enzo debuted for Real in the official match and even scored to Leones in the Copa del Rey (The King's Cup). However he did not play a single minute in La Liga, remaining a youth footballer. Meanwhile Luka is the main goalkeeper of Real (U19). And he had already become a champion of Europe.

Xabi Alonso and Perico Alonso

Perico Alonso was a real star of Spanish football club Real Sociedad . His son Xabi Alonso also began his star career in this club. The father won La Liga twice, played for the national team and for FC Barcelona and even tried to become a coach but did not achieve any special results. Alonso Jr. today has already succeed a lot. He has champion titles from the European championship and the World Cup in the national team. Xabi Alonso noted in Liverpool, Real and Bayern.

Frank Lampard Jr. Frank Lampard Sr.

One of the West Ham United superstars, Frank Lampard (father) appeared in matches 660 times and won the FA Cup twice. His son also became a football star, but not because of his father's surname. The first team for Lampard Jr. was West Ham, then there was a star period in London Chelsea. The Englishman achieved the title of the Best scorer in the history of the club, became the champion of Europe and the Champions League. In 2014 the footballer moved to the Manchester City but his achievements will always be remembered at Chelsea.

Paolo Maldini and Cesare Maldini

Cesare Maldini was one of the best defenders of Italy and Milan. In the 60s everything was fine for the Italian defender. During 13 seasons in Milan he faced with the team’s and the ups and downs. The culmination of his football career was the win of the European Champions Cup in 1963, which was presented to him as a captain. In 1968 he had a son named Paolo. Cesare brought up an amazing son, an outstanding captain and one of the best defenders in the history of football. Five gold medals of the Champions League and five European Super Cups. Now Cesare Maldini's grandchildren are kicking the ball about in the Milan football academy .