Hello guys let's talk about the just ended soccer world cup 2023. I know in the finals two prominent teams went against each other to earn the right be could world champions. It was Argentina Versus France. The teams played very well against each other but if you watched closely you would realized that most of the goals were scored by just two players. Messi scored more of the goals for Argentina and Kylian Mbappé scored most of the goals for France. They Battled against each other till penalties. The reason France lost was because of the players missed a goal. An unfortunate mistake costing an entire country. This is the greatest world cup rivalry of all time in my opinion. The competition was rough and tough. Maybe you may have a different opinion and I totally respect that but it really was a football match between Messi and Kylian Mbappé. The Goals were 3 : 3 and they went further to penalty were Argentina was victorious.