Note: This is a sentimental and subjective piece coming from an Anti-Messi fan.

I hope Messi will be so close to the final and eventually lose it. He doesn't deserve to hold the title of the GOAT. You say he is a combo of raw talent and hardwork. Is Cristiano a joke to you? In less than four hours, I wish to see how satisfying his tears will be to feed off his followers who kept feeling at the top of the world right now.

Yes! Feel free to say I am filled with bitterness but I can't deny how I feel right now. Moreso, there are several reasons Aregentines cannot bring the cup home, they couldn't achieve it while Messi was at his peak. Hence, he can't achieve that towards the end of his career. It's either you're beginning to love or dislike the truth I am saying right now. In few days to come, the reality of this post will dawn on everyone of us that Messi is not a god in football though his works can't be disregarded.

History shows that Croatians has been always schooling the Argentines on the pitch. Meanwhile Messi, the false and self-imposed Goat has always be present to witness the downfall. History will repeat itself today. I'm not a prophet of doom but of truth and reality. Saddle your horses oh ye Messi's fans, it's time to fall out of the race and hand the baton over to the more qualified countries to carry on.

This piece is not an attack on the Argentines but to the Messi adherents. See you after the match! chuckles devilishly...😈