Last season was strange enough to complain about how the situation was handled. I am dissatisfied with the club's management abilities. But first Messi's decision to leave the club was a fuss that rub me the wrong way. I have seen a version of him that disgusted me. Losing one of the worst matches of the club's history and the decision to leave was suspicious to me. Iniesta, Puyol used to be good role models on the pitch. Secondly he is 33, Suarez is 33. To me Suarez was his sacrifice. Talking of freemasonry in soccer seems so inadequate but I think it is the case. This truly disgusts me. I do not know who is truly responsible for this but this is not the value that young children should use as a model to shape their characters. He won more individual recognition than with the team last season. That is really shameful. No one really mentions this, not even sports journalists. In which world do we all live in? If Griezmann stays at the club, Messi would have to be on the bench more. I do not see that happening. Who would bet on him over "the best player in the world" ? The media is pointing his lack of form lately. They would rather blame Griezmann than saying Messi could also get in the way. I love the club but I am being objective here. It is like watching somebody capable of so much more but he cannot seem to get there. I will defend this guy even if most do not want to. He needs to see himself what I see in him. Doubts can be debilitating at times. May he find his inner voice again.Will Koeman help him find the mental space he needs to be himself on the pitch. What kind of coaching is he going to do? In a scarred club where a lot is to be rebuilt how far can the team go this season? Coaching is not just using the players to win matches. This is no chess game. Is the club allowing structures like sessions to help the players mentally to be creative on the pitch? It does not seem like they are interested at all. The rendition is more important apparently. Soccer is not what it used to be. Now it is about viewership, sponsors contrats etc.

The club is trying to downplay la moció de censura against La junta. Is it going to be money over everything or are they going to follow a moral code? What a mess... Not proud of this as a supporter.

On another note I am intrigued by Piqué's ventures with Andorra football club. Cool to see his interest in it besides tennis. Are we going to see more players doing this in the future?