Unlike Wolves going from a super competitive club as per the mid previous season which changed by the end of the season until now as they're still struggling and giving average performance, Leeds has the most sprints this season with 637 followed by Liverpool with 560, they've pressed big clubs onto the wall and taken a point or three from them so you can only expect a great challenge from them but that's not what it looked like in this game. Wolves picked up itself in this game and gave Leeds a challenge, totally thought it would be an easy win for Leeds considering both teams' recent form.

Podence lost the most important chance in the first half that Wolves would have used to break the deadlock, talk of securing a lead and focusing on defending it because you know when you're in a competition with a team like Leeds' you don't put any chance to waste. It was such a good save from the goal keeper but if there was someone on the front focusing on getting a goal by all means that was the best chance to make it happen. Wolves is more like Arsenal, when they're under pressure and having a debt it's only a few players that stay focussed because a great number doesn't seem to know how to do their part under pressure which causes more trouble and chances of conceding more goals so an early lead is a boost. Podence seems to work better with Neeves so if he's brought on together with Adama in second half Wolves will surely press some more.

Wolverhampton came back into the game more positive for second half play, had a great strike into the back of the net right a few minutes into the half(53) but technology proved Podence having been marginally off side so the goal was ruled out, short lived celebration, quite unfortunate but it's VAR and you don't get to get away with it. Just as I anticipated, Adama comes in and five minutes after Wolves takes the lead, goal from Jimenez assisted by Kilman who has been really productive through out the game.

Bottom line, I think Wolves did really well in their defense, though they seemed like they didn't have the greatest creativity needed they had a plan and that helped them secure the three points. Leeds would have had their chance too if they found a better tactic on how to pass by the defenders but they would have conceded more goals if it wasn't for the slightest mistakes Wolves made in the game. Wolves seems to be back in the competition, lying in the sixth position below Arsenal that has goal different advantage, this win may be a boost to further wins.

Leeds United 0 - Wolves 1